Internship placements in India
for international students
and young professionals
Why India?
India is rapidly developing, a cultural wonder, and a place to make a positive social change.
Why Life Lessonz?
Life Lessonz is experienced, specialized, and dedicated to consistently provide quality services to interns.
Internship Placements
Internship placements are available in the fields of business, arts and humanities, and social services (social work, health, and education).
Welcome to Life Lessonz
Life Lessonz is an Indian organization that promotes a wide variety of internship placements in India for international students and young professionals. An internship in India offers students and young professionals the opportunity to learn many important life lessons. All internships focus on personal and professional experiences to expand the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence necessary for a successful academic and professional future. Life Lessonz also seeks to improve cross-cultural understanding and international cooperation across cultures, organizations, and businesses. Life Lessonz connects international interns with Indian organizations based in both urban and rural settings, in the fields of Business, Science, Arts & Humanities, and Social Service & Development Work. To learn more about the specific internship placements available, please visit our Internship Placements section. In order to ensure comfort, security, and academic and professional support, the Life Lessonz internship experience is enhanced by the availability of in-country support facilities. All internship programs include extensive in-country orientation, 24-hour emergency support, high-quality accommodation, nutritious meals, and academic support and supervision (if required or requested). Lean how to apply for a potentially life changing experience through an internship in India or contact us with details of your academic and personal objectives so that we can arrange a customized internship position most relevant to your interests, capabilities, and course requirements.
Internships in India
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